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Web Site CRASH COURSE: Quickly Learn Web Page & Marketing Strategies That INSTANTLY EXPLODES Your ONLINE BUSINESS And Take A Quantum Leap Past Your Closest Competitors.

Let me take you BY THE HAND and walk you through STEP BY STEP using tools you may already know or have, but I'll show you the SECRET Techniques which make them 10X More Powerful With Almost NO EFFORT on your part at all!

From: Frank Deardurff - That One Web Guy!
RE: Webinar Utilizing Online Tools

How much are you currently spending month after month on web hosting, merchant accounts, online tools and still haven't put the first page up?

$30, $60, $120? Multiplied for 6 months usage and you will have spent $120 - $720 on services that you may not be using to their full potential.

Being a web guy internet marketer, web consultant/designer, and entrepreneur myself, I have heard and seen many cases where people have purchased yet another online application not knowing fully what to do with it and our stressed about how much they have spent.

It is easy to fall into this cycle as we suffer from information overload.

We know we NEED these tools because we have seen the advantages and proof that they work. I agree they do work IF YOU USE THEM.

THAT is the reason I have put together this webinar course.

What's In this Course

You will learn how to buy a domain, create a basic web page, upload a web page utilize Ask Database, Audio Generator, and 1 Shopping Cart to give you a leg up on the competition. We'll start with some basic HTML for online professionals and finish up with some advanced online resources that won't cost you a single dime.

I am even going to show you ways to make money from the applications themselves.

Did you realize that many of these online tools have a way for you to earn cash by telling others about their tools?

By attending just this one workshop you can learn how to use the top marketing tools on the web today.

Here is just one video example of the training you will learn at this event plus you will get to take home a cd with many training videos just like this one..

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In this eight hour workshop, you will get an understanding of basic html needed to use online applications so that you have a better grasp of how to cut and paste your own forms and order links as well as make simple modifications to your own pages.

You will also learn how to use the Ask Database to find out why people are leaving your website. In addition you'll find out how to:

  • create Special Reports
  • generate FAQ's quickly  
  • create eBooks out of thin air
  • obtain Seminar content
  • and much more...

All of this with little or no effort what so ever.

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With another online tool called Audio Generator You will learn how to:

  • make your testimonials believable
  • cut down abandoned order forms
  • improve visit times
  • build Visitor relations

With the third online tool (1 Shopping Cart), we will tie in resources from the other two tools to show how to get the most out of your marketing dollars.

You will learn in this section how to:

  • follow up with prospects
  • improve  sales
  • improve  up-sells
  • capture leads
  • and more...

By using these three tools together, you will have the upper hand over any competitors in your market.

Rave Reviews

Rhea Perry"Hi, this is Lynn Pierce of and Frank Deardurff has been a cherished resource for me over the last several years as I've built my information marketing business.

As a non-techie, I really appreciate how someone as knowledgeable as Frank, can still simplify what he teaches to the point that anyone can understand it, and follow what he does.

Frank is the ONLY webguy when it comes to putting together all the tools you need to be successful.

In fact, thanks to Frank, I use the web basics that he teaches and the tools he recommends on a daily basis and they are a vital component in not only marketing my products online, but also offline events, like the Women's Business Empowerment Summit each year.- So Thanks Frank!"

Lynn Pierce - The Success Architect

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Rhea Perry"Frank Deardurff is one of the best men you could ever have as a mentor. Not only does he know his stuff, but he's incredibly patient. He is the expert the Internet Millionaires turn to when they have a problem they can't solve.

If you want to learn web design and the technical side of the Internet, Frank is the only teacher you need. Plus, he's a real nice guy."

Rhea Perry - Five Points, TN

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Mary MazzuloHello! This is Mary Mazzullo from

I wanted to let all of you know that Frank Deardurff is absolutely awesome!

He has been so patient with me and I feel that I have brought problems to him that are huge to me, but I know are very simple, and he easily diagnoses them and gives me the answer just from the minute descriptions that I have given him. ... Read More

Who is That One Web Guy?

fedblkshrtFrank E. Deardurff III - CoFounder of and and Co Owner of Access Cafe Networks, Inc.

Projects you may have seen include Campaigns for Alex Mandossian's, where we have built sites for Les Brown (, Brian Tracy ( and Stephen Covey (

Additional Web clients have been Armand Morin, Mark Victor Hansen, Lorrie Morgan Ferrero ( just to name a few. Frank has a back-ground covering 20 years in graphic design and technical illustration, and has been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 1999. Frank is co-owner of Access Café Networks, Inc. a network consulting and web applications design firm.

Frank has been in partnerships with Willie Crawford (, Armand Morin (, Joshua Mitchell ( and
Alex Mandossian ( The worlds first and still only search engine for survey data.)

These time tested techniques have and continue to work for me and my clients for whom I have implemented these strategies.

You will learn these marketing tactics by reviewing real world case studies as well as step-by-step instructions, which you will be able to duplicate when you return back to your office.

These are not just tactics that were made up to sell this workshop.

You will see dozens of proven case studies that have worked for other online businesses.

You will see first-hand how to implement these strategies yourself with little or no effort.

On top of all of that you'll receive these bonuses totaling $221.00

  • A PDF with these case studies so you can take notes. (Value $97)

  • A follow up Q & A Teleseminar to answer any additional questions you may have. (Value $97)

  • Change Web Hosts Ebook all the answers about moving to a different web host. (Value $27)


Who should Attend Web Site Crash Course

This workshop was developed for anyone that is or will be marketing their business online. I have taught these strategies to people just getting started to seasoned online professionals of any age.

There are no prerequisites needed and with the online members area you will gain access to resources you will be able to review and utilize over and over again.

These resources are strategies that I use on a daily basis plus videos just like the one above that will help you make modifications and get your website online.

This Course is A LIVE webinar and is scheduled to be offered anywhere else and may not be offered LIVE again!

BUT You CAN get the recorded Audio & Videos of this event
right now at the special event price if you act now!

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Until then...

All the best and much success in everything you do!


Frank Deardurff III - That One Web Guy!